Have you had problems with dry itchy skin? Or reactions to other soaps or lotions? Is your skin sensitive? Do you like the idea of natural products but have found others lacking?

Try our handmade soaps and lotions made from nourishing goat's milk coupled with hydrating oils and soothing fragrances. You will see and feel the difference in our products!

They are handmade in the Ozarks with high quality ingredients. Using a base of goats milk adds the beneficial enzymes and nutrients to keep skin soft and smooth. Adding in natural oils and gentle fragrances keeps the soap perfect for washing up and the Shea butter and oils in the lotions help it absorb into and nourish the skin.

We have soaps and lotions without goats milk as well such as our Gardener's soap which has cornmeal added for extra exfoliate and our spa products which are perfect for a nice relaxing bath.

While we don't guarantee any health claims of our products we do believe they will help with skin conditions, dryness and sensitivity.